Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Despite watching entirely too much figure skating over the weekend, I actually spent most of the long weekend doing manly construction projects related to our downtown party loft. The loft is well known in certain San Diego circles. It's been leased out for the last year to a construction company building a highrise next door. We just got it back and we were anxious to begin upgrades. Here it is before painting the concrete portion of the floor:

After painting:

From 180 degrees of above picture:

Shot from an upstairs angle looking down:

The bar I built on Saturday (This was the most important project!):

So as you can see, the olympics haven't killed my sperm count. It remains full of testosterone and ready, strong and able at any time I might need it, which may or may not be ever, depending on how much she looks like Tanith Belbin...

That is all.