Monday, February 13, 2006


I love sports. Most people who have visited here for a while know this. I'm not a big basketball fan, so this time of year tends to bum me out - football is over until August and Baseball doesn't start for another two months. Because of this, I'm happy to have the Olympics this year to help me through the dead months.

Needless to say, I spent several hours this weekend glued to NBC watching the various events, many of which amaze me. I grew up ski racing and spent 10 years of my youth competing around the country, not that I really was ever that good- my parents just liked having me overly involved in something to keep me from the vagrancy that many of my buddies were practicing. Watching it remindes me of my days of constant and enless training and how it ruined skiing for me to the extent that the thought of skiing has no appeal to me any longer. I often speak to my childhood friends who were in the same boat and for them, it's the same. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the skiing but it's the other events that amaze me the most. Like Luge and the other sledding type events - how does somebody get into this sport?? Are there Luge resorts somewhere?? Is there a lot of competition in Luge?? It looks like a blast! What about Curling? I've never seen a curling rink - do they have them in the northeast? Is it kind of like a bowling alley? Do people get off work on a Friday night and say to their friends "Hey! lets go have some coldies and get down at the curling rink!!!I want to try it.

Yesterday wasn't a great day for the American team, but I still couldn't help choking up a little at watching Sean White win for snowboarding and Michelle Kwan's teary farewell. These things are what the Olympics are all about - and not just because I'm on my Man Period.

This brings me up to my complaint of the day: When the Olympics are held in a time zone that is so far ahead of the telecast, does the media have to fucking ruin it?? Yesterday I logged on to the see world news around 3pm and in the headlines were the results of all the events I was looking forward to watching. WTF? It's like watching the Super Bowl on the west coast in a delayed telecast as it's already been played on the east coast and having my buddy from Hoboken NJ call me to tell me who won - which he would totally do, by the way, if given a chance.

I really hate complaining about anything without being able to offer a viable solution - it goes against everything I believe. This one is a little complex though. I'm sure since NBC carries the Winter Games, the other media organizations couldn't give a rats ass about spoiling the surprise. However, couldn't they be a little more considerate to their readers? Like when they are reviewing a movie or a book and they give you warning the they are giving away the surprise??

I'm boycotting the news until after the Olympics are over. I'm a news addict, so I hope you all can appreciate the sacrifice I'm making for Team America....


I'm not bitter or angry...