Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I recently got hooked on the new show "Love Monkey". Anybody seen it? In all honesty, it's really a lot like "Ed", if you caught that show. Same lead actor, playing fundamentally the same part from a personality stand-point with the fore-shadowing storyline following some of the same principals. I really liked "Ed" and was a little miffed when it went off the air - so none of these similarities bother me. And really the best part of the show is the music and the themes.

Last night's episode was about confidence. The message was that regardless of what people may try and portray, confidence is a wavering thing - just like health or general moods. It can pop-up when you least expect it and draw back just as fast. When you are on a "confidence wave" things fall into place and tend to go smoothly in all aspects of your life. I generally agree with this.

However, isn't it directly related to one's overall general happiness? And not necessarily on a rational basis? In otherwords, you will have no confidence if you are overall depressed and discontent. However, what if you ARE generally happy - does that automatically make a person confident? I don't think so. What is the relationship between happiness and confidence? For me, if I don't continue to strive for my next goal, I lose confidence rather quickly - even if I'm generally pretty happy with myself. Which is fine - but I have trouble building up to goals rather than maintaining the momentum of a current goal climb. So if I'm not on a momentum rush, my confidence level drops off dramatically.

Right now I kind of feel in between.