Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm really thinking that the American people have hit an all time high on allowing the media to put them into panic mode. For the last few days- with the confirmation of Justice Alito- I've seen a lot of posts in the blog world which focus on the fear of anti-abortion laws. All of these have ultimately ended up voicing dismay with Dubya. So I'm going to voice my opinions here.

Awww fuck it. There's no point. I'm a republican. I'm not a right wing fundamentalist. I am pro-choice. I like bush, and I also like the president. There are a lot more people like me out there - even if they don't voice it because it's not the trend. Most everyone who reads my blog already knows this about me, so I should probably get some work done rather than waste my time ranting about the media and the citizens who believe everything they read and see on tv.

That is all.