Friday, February 17, 2006


As an Olympics junky, it's been my duty to turn on NBC when I get back from my morning run to check into what's happening in Torino (or Turin - which is it??). Unfortunately, the Today show is the vessel which NBC chooses to relay the winter games in the morning. Of course, programming-wise this makes sense, but there's a reason I stopped watching Today many years ago.

I remember the days when Today was a dignified program where real issues were discussed and time was spent on interviews by serious interviewers (Bryant GumBALL and Jane Pauly - neither of whom I particularly care for, but they're really good at what they do). When Katie Couric first started, she was cute and added a little zing to the cast with her puppy-dog like features. She was a good addition at the time. I enjoyed the show then.

Over the years, things have changed. At some point several years ago, the producers started to slowly change the format to match a demographic that I'm only assuming caters to the soccer moms. Obviously not a bad idea because they've dominated that time slot of programming for as long as I can remember. Problem is, I'm not a soccer mom. So this doesn't work for me - and in my self-involved world it should.

At what point did Katie become a condescending bitch? Matt Lauer does get some decent interviews and asks some good, poignant questions on occasion but for the most part he's kind of a penis wrinkle with a bad haircut. Al Roker is a jovial character, and it's hard to pick on jovial characters, but what exactly does he do? Anne Curry is the only person on the show who I think maintains some dignity. Aside from her elegant sexiness, she delivers the news in a careful and thoughtful manner. The worst part is that she constantly gets screwed. While the 3 stooges get to trot all over the globe, she's stuck in studio 3B freezing her ass off. Frozen out. There is no justice.

So Katie,Matt and Al, Sorry but every time I give you another chance after months of not viewing the show, you continue to disappoint me. After the Olympics conclude, I'm afraid I won't tune in again until one or more of you is gone. With that, I bid you good luck and good morning.

I'm now going to resume watching Curling events on CNBC, thank you very much! I'm not sure there has ever been a more boring sport which has so enticingly captivated me into a Curling watching junky. GO TEAM USA!!