Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Either Jesse Jackson has found the key to quantum physics, has an identical twin - or someone's facts are just plain wrong.

Last night, it is reported that he was two places at one time, on opposite coasts.

Was he at Terrell Owens' birthday bash?


Was he protesting Tookie Williams' execution?

You be the judge, but I do find it funny that many of the celebs that were politicking for Tookie Williams felt that attending a birthday party in New York for a volitile, cocky, egocentric, spurned athelete was a more important cause to attend.

Are these people serious?

I'm just sayin'.

As for Jesse Jackson, I don't care if you are liberal or conservative- this wannabe MLK hasn't really done a whole lot of people any favors. He's no MLK and never will be because he's all agenda and no heart.

My bet is that he was in NY. But that's just me.