Monday, November 21, 2005


Overall, I think we have a pretty good relationship. As with any relationship, there are a couple of issues, but I'm not bitching. Really, I'm not.

You never bitch at me or complain about messes I make when I'm drunk.

You know what to expect from me and what I expect from you.

Sometimes you don't fullfill those expectations to the best of your ability, but I don't complain because nobody is perfect and I can be a little picky. Also, I'm not perfect and usually am the originator of the problem itself.

You confuse me with what I think might be "silent protests". You know what I'm talking about - when you "put away" something of mine, but its not in its proper spot and nowhere to be found and I spend hours, sometimes weeks or months trying to find it and you've known where it is the whole time. Or when you replace things in a slightly different spot, so that it takes extra effort for me to realize the new place, even if its still visible from its usual place. Is this on purpose?

I really like how you keep secrets though. You never say a word about anything you know of my private life. Things that nobody else needs to know about. In you, I have such confidence.

I like that we don't see each other everyday or that there is never a jealousy factor. You know I have other people that fullfill other needs I might have and that you too, have other people you see.

In fact, I'm glad we've never actually seen each other because I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with looking at you, knowing that you know so much about me.

But I love you just the same, Cleaning Lady. For you make my life so much easier and stress free and I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.



PS, I finally found the Digital Camcorder that you put in the bottom drawer underneath the old clothes. You know, the one I gently accused party go-ers at the house of "borrowing" 3 months ago. Thanks for your help on that!