Monday, September 12, 2005


I've been so busy since getting back from vacation, just trying to get caught up. Also, I'm in the middle of hiring a new assistant and have spent a lot of time setting things up, going over resumes and the rest of the routine. Interviews start tomorrow and I think I'm ready.

Weekend was pretty good. UT barely squeeked out a win over Ohio. Awesome game, but a stressful one too. Thats just the way they roll though. Other than that, it was business as usual - went out, got shitty, had afterparty at the house. Actually, I was pretty low key on Saturday because I was hurting from Friday. I wasn't even going to do anything - but about 11:30, I was guilted into going out for a couple (few), but wasn't real good company, I'm sure. Then got home and some of my buddies from the girly bar next door came over to visit for a while.

Today was hectic, but the funny thing is that for most people I know, its been hell. Is there a full moon or something?? I know, its got to be the solar flares erupting right now, right?

Thats all I got.