Thursday, August 25, 2005


Maybe. We'll see.

Remember the partial list of things to do I wrote yesterday? Yeah, haven't gotten to any of them yet. Maybe I'll start in a little while. I'm obviously a little indicisive at this very moment.

The Astros lost last night. Again. I felt it necessary to go drown my sorrow in beer afterwords. I don't really remember much about the end, but my buddy claims I was a miserable wingman when he was talking up some girl and her friend was trying to drag her away. Apparently I was pre-occupied with the emptyness of my glass and therefor not too attentive to my situational responsibilities. Sorry man. They were ugly anyway (not really, but I have to rationalize). All 4 of the two of them.

My ex called me last night. Don't know why I answered, I never answer the 100 calls a week she places to my number. To be honest, I'm surprised she even tries anymore. She had a couple of "important" things to tell me. The first of which was she wanted to tell me her "wishes" in the event she "doesn't make it" out of her same-day, minor,non-invasive surgery tomorrow. Why is she telling me this? Attention, obviously. She can't live without it in mass quantities. The second thing she wanted to tell me requires a little back ground: Right before I moved, she came charging into my house demanding some things she wanted back. I hadn't seen her in months and all of the sudden she's waking me up at 8am on a saturday morning screaching at me. She was lucky I didn't have "company". Anyhow, before I could even comprehend that this was really happening and not some twisted dream, she is rifling through my guest bedroom closet. I get up and calmly ask her to leave. She not-so-calmly starts freaking out about me moving. I once again calmly ask her to leave. She starts stomping and screaming. I showed her the way to the door. On the way out she decided to grab the first set of photos she saw - Assuming they were "ours". They weren't. They were of a trip that I took with a girl I dated (after her) and my brother and sis-in-law. Good pictures and the girl I was with was one of the best girlfriends I've ever had. Cutting to the chase here, she wanted to tell me that she had burned the pictures. WTF????? This kind of crazyness is precisely the reason we split in the first place. I hung up. "Bartender!! Nother beer please!! Wait, make that a double!!"

If I don't talk to y'all before I leave, catch y'all later!!