Monday, August 15, 2005


Normally, I don't get bad hangovers. At least not in any terrible way. Maybe a small headache that I can knock out with some Advil, but nothing serious. When I wake up after a night of drinking, I have a big choice to make. I can either get up and get really active, or I can take 10 steps to the couch. Either one sets the tone for the day. Normally, I choose to get up and be active. This isn't altogether the best option always.

Thursday night I drank quite a bit. My buddy and I met up with some female acquaintances who are barely 22 and drink like it. I don't typically do shots, but, well, when they buy them and are holding them between their breasts, it just wouldn't be polite to refuse. Obviously much of the rest of the night is a bit of a blur, but I'm sure I didn't get much sleep. Friday night was a similar story, except I only had one shot, because the waitress wanted to do one with me and she paid. I think she kind of likes me, and she's super hot. Someone told me she has a boyfriend, but she didn't mention it and didn't act like it - so I'll conveniently ignore that piece of information. Left the car at the bar, because I'm a responsible drinker -(yeah, right!) and returned on Saturday morning to pick it up. I was hungry and so I went back in for some food and a bloody mary, which turned into 3 or 4 and a hand full of beers. By 6, I was feeling good mentally, but my whole body was starting to ache, so I went home. For the rest of the night and most of the next day, I was down for the count, with aches and sweats and unable to sleep because of it all. UGH!! By last night, I was feeling much better. I guess you have to pay to play.

In other news, the Women's Softball World Series is in town this week and if any of you recall the girl I used to "date" that shacked up with a girl after me - she's in town with the girlfriend, but wants to "meet up". She's been calling and texting for a couple of weeks now, trying to firm up plans. Evidently they have a party tonight at the dyke bar next door - I can only guess the drama!!