Friday, July 29, 2005


I know I've been lacking on my posts lately. Problem is I don't have time to write a whole post when I'm at my computer, nor can I focus enough to come up with something to write. At night, when I'm climbing into bed, I come up with all sorts of topics I can write about so why is it I get a block when it actually comes to writing?

So here are a couple of topics:

Went to a Padres game a few nights ago. They lost. But the good news is it was free. As we were standing in the 30 minute long line for tickets, this lady came up to me and offered the tickets she wasn't going to be using - for free. Cool. Beer was still ridiculous though. I went to grab a couple of them and noticed that "domestic" was $7.25 and "premium" was $7.75. I asked what premium beers they had. "Michelob Ultra" was the response I got. WTF?

Went to the horse races yesterday. Always a good time. I lost my ass. Well, not literally - my ass is still firmly fixed to my backside, but much money was spent. I figure I paid for the gloating bitch next to me that kept winning. My buddy Cooper should have come along because everytime I'm losing, he wins and Vs. Vsa. At least I can laugh when he gloats, because I know he'll buy the drinks the rest of the night. THEN who's laughing???

Apparently its gay-pride weekend here in SD. The manager from the dyke bar next door came over last weekend to give us fair warning. She said "You might want to run for the hills." I said, "We're in the hills." She said "Run further!!". I had to park my car about a quarter mile UP the street, so I guess she was right by default.

Everyone knows I'm not much for political correctness, so I'm going to rant for a second. What is this with Gay-Pride anyway? What if I organized a Straight-Pride weekend? I would be labeled as a bigot or a bible thumping right-winger despite the fact that I'm not. There would be utter outrage throughout the land. Same if I organized a White-Pride weekend. Or an "I Love Steak" weekend. Really, I don't care that they have a rally weekend. It doesn't really affect me other than parking. It just bothers me that I can't organize something I'm proud about without massive ostracism being a straight white male from the upper middle tax bracket.

I woke up with a song in my head that I wanted to listen to. Unfortunatly, my iPod was wiped out a few weeks ago and it was lost along with several others that have been hell trying to recover/recreate. I've learned the hard way to make back-up CDs. Luckily, Lissa Ann has offered to send me some CDs to fill in the missing gaps. (is there such a thing? how can a gap be missing? isn't a gap nothingness? Discuss amongst ya-selves.) Anyhow, Lissa Ann rocks for that.

The Astros continue a streak of kicking ass. They now are in the lead for the NL Wild Card, but I don't think they'll need it, because at this rate they should be able to catch up with St.Louis. We'll, maybe not. Unless Pujols gets hit by a bus.

What else?

Oh! Was out last night and there were four women sitting around the bar accross the isle from the table my buddy and I were sitting. As usual, we were taking inventory of the options. He said "The one closest to us- the old one, she's really wanting you to talk to her." I said, "Dude, she's not old- she's our age, and you haven't accepted 'our age' yet." Him: "No way. She's a lot older." Me: "No. I guarantee she's within a year or two of us!" Him:"I'll go check". A few minutes later he came back realizing, the hard way, that "Excuse me, exactly how old are you?" isn't a real wise opening line.

A little while later he looked at me and busted out in a full, gutt-busting, hysterical laugh. I chuckled and asked "WTF?" He pointed directly behind my head where a sign read: "This seat is designed for people with special needs." Where is the camera when I'm sitting in the retard seat?

That's all I got.