Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Has anyone ever posted anything on Craig's list??? Come on, don't act stupid. Of course you know what Craig's list is...

Someone told me about it several months ago and when I'm really bored I'll check it out for a few minutes of entertainment. I've been told that if you are looking for work, it is a great resource as a lot of HR people have favored it over other websites with employment features. I don't know. Thats just what I've heard. I'm sure the personals are the major draw for most people. I have a friend who has now "met" (read: hooked-up) with a couple of girls off Craig's list. Have you seen some of the tag lines for people's posts? Maybe its me, but most don't instill a whole lot of confidence. Its kind of like chat rooms - I've never been cool with them because I'm such an untrusting person that I constantly would think that the person I was chatting with wasn't even close to being who they were representing themself to be.

Anyhow, I think its pretty entertaining to check out the missed connections part. Today there was a post for someone who was seen on the corner outside my office window. This is funny because I probably saw who they were talking about. Last week I saw a post from some dude who was checking out some other dude working out with weights at the 24hr Fitness near here. It just so happens that my buddy was working out there at that same time. I asked him if he was working out with weights that day, anticipating I could point and snicker at him, implying this guy was checking him out and trying to find him on CL. Unfortunately he said that he only ran on the treadmill. So there wasn't a joke and I wasn't as funny as I thought I was going to be. But then I pointed anyway and snickered accusing him of checking out some dude lifting weights. I'm so mature, can't you tell?