Saturday, July 09, 2005

CLUB OR NOT???????????

I axked?? I nixed the club scene- But somehow there was still a "line". I don't understand these things. okay- I'm a little fukked up right now. I really don't like SD chicks. They are so pre-disposed to the whole club thing that I'm turned off. I did meet a cool chick tonight - she was from Colorado and has been here for 5 yrs. \She hates CA people- they are too fake. Right???? Until I meet CA girls that are diffrent, that's my take too.

I miss Texas.

Heather/Kelbel - Enjoy! The reason I moved there (Texas) was because people are cool. I've lived around the world and TX people are the nicest!! They have no AGENDA or ULTERIOR MOTIVE - They just like you for being you.