Thursday, June 16, 2005


I know how women are, but I'll never understand them. A buddy and I decided to
go have a couple of pints after work yesterday and well, a couple always turns into
a few, which eventually turns into many. Sitting at the empty bar minding our own business and a couple of attractive dames walk in and sit down near us. 15 minutes later, while I'm visiting the barfroom, my esteemed colleague strikes up a conversation with said girls - and of course, being the gentleman that I am, it was my duty to participate in such conversation. The one closest to me (and the most attractive) started bullshitting me about where she was from (far away) and all the other usual yada,yada,yada. Now, you can't bullshit a professional bullshitter. If your mother never taught you that - I just did. Being familiar with her alleged place of home, I asked her a few basic questions to which she had no answers. So I did what any polite, considerate, well mannered chap would do: I called her the fuck out on the carpet. To which she continues to try to keep the story up. So, I really was a good sport and listened - like a kindergartener at story time. We talked and drank for another hour or so (who really knows? It was a bar time warp) and I said I needed to get home. At this point she said, "not a chance!" and ordered me another pint. Of course I wasn't going to deny the bribe- after all, what kind of a guy do you think I am?? As I was finishing, she wrote her phone number down on a coaster and handed it to me. SHOCKER: She had a LOCAL phone number! I said, "Thanks. But I'm NOT going to call you." This line rarely fails me, and it didn't last night. She immediately grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me into a 30 minute make-out session at the bar. She was a really good kisser, which is a bonus. I'm still not going to call her.

This was a really good thing to happen because since getting here, I've felt like I lost my mojo. I was around many women last weekend, but didn't get any vibes - not even any good heavy flirting! I was thinking to myself, "Self, WTF??". But the mojo is back, I know this because I did get heavy flirting from the super hot hostess at lunch today...

Now I need to go practice my killer bow-staff skills.