Monday, May 02, 2005


I'm still recovering from the ugliness that always follows a trip to New Orleans. I've flown many times, but usually if I go with buddies we drive. Every time we drive, we swear to fly the next time. Not so much because of the drive over, its more because of the drive back. Inevitably, we end up driving yet again.

My buddy (GB)and I arrived in The Big Easy around 8:15 and found the overpriced rat's nest hotel that one gets when one fails to plan far enough ahead on a busy weekend to get a good hotel. I was only comforted by the number of $50k+ cars in the parking lot. Luckily, I wasn't the only dumbass to wait. And at least others who could afford better accommodations had to suffer with us too, having fallen victim to time and availability. We met up with That Girl, Sandy and their two friends a couple hours later. Both of them "sweet chicks with hot asses", and mouths that would make a truck driver blush. After way to many Bud Lights, I did two things that I NEVER do, which indicate I've past the "Just Drunk" point and am entering the "train wreck waiting to happen" point of hammered. Those two things being dancing and taking shots. Dancing I don't do because once upon a time, I was required to do it for my job and it made it not fun and shots because I tend to sleepwalk if I have them and that held true that night. Sometime, I'll post just on the sleepwalking thing - I could write a whole book, but that would just be plain embarrassing...

As a result, I got separated from the group (TG and Sandy might be able to fill in the blanks that I have about this time period) and ended up in a cab trying to get back to the shitty hotel which has changed names so often that the cab drivers don't know of it. This created a problem, because I had no idea how to give him coherent directions. An hour later, I arrived at the hotel that is only a 5 minute ride. GB even beat me back to the room! And so ends ugly night number 1.

The next day was Jazzfest and I've never seen it so crowded. I mean its been really crowded before, but this was insane. After getting tired of fighting the crowd, GB and I were able to find a spot on the grass that had been abandoned. There was plenty more room and we could actually see the stage. Still foggy from the night before, we only drank two beers each at the concert and then walked 3 or so miles to the French Quarter to get the blood flowing and help flush the system. We ened up at the usual spot and began ugly night number two. I won't bore anyone with the details but suffice it to say, GB switched up to Vodka/Redbull and bailed at around 2am. I, on the otherhand was yet again foolish and didn't get back to the room until well after sun-up. I can say I wasn't as drunk as the night before, and I didn't do any shots or dancing - so when I finally was headed back to the hotel, I didn't have any problems getting directly there. Oh, and I realized a very important fact, we had been getting mucho screwed on the cab rides to from the hotel. That figures, should have known better. Oh well. The trip was fun and worth the costs (both monetary and physical). I may add to this as memories re-surface. Thats all for now.