Monday, April 25, 2005


On a couple of blogs I read today I saw a few posts that mentioned cheesy lines and vulgar things said by random losers in a feeble attempt to pick up the authors of said blogs.

This reminded me of something I was thinking about yesterday. As I was watching pieces of some movie on HBO, there was this woman talking about one of her fantasies. She started with something relating to laying on a beach and a "Stranger" walks up and gently caresses her head and then her neck - and works his way down to... well, you know. I have to say, I've actually personally heard varying renditions of this same fantasy by many women. The variables being mostly the venue and the gender - however, the constant is the "Stranger". I pause to ponder. Seriously, if some stranger came up to you while you were relaxing at a relaxing location with your relaxing drink and relaxing sounds or music and touched your face - wouldn't you freak out?? I mean FREAK OUT?? NO - I MEAN FREAK THE FUCK OUT???? Yet the fantasy is so popular.

I hear about these assclowns who say disrespectful things to unknown women and I have no questions about why so many guys can come across to women as creepy. It really ruins it for the guys who are genuine. This is exactly why I don't approach women (generally speaking). I'm afraid to get the cold shoulder because some fucktard earlier in the evening thought that because a girl's thong was sticking out in the back, he had license to grab it and make idiot remarks about it- and now she's making all the other guys pay for it. I see a lot of my friends (who have no problem approaching women randomly) get blown off - and they are just nice guys trying to get by. WTH?