Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Went to my first Padres game last night -vs. Dodgers. Live baseball rocks. I don't care who y'are. I was invited by my buddy's girlfriend and her friends. Drunkies!! They met me at my office around 1900 after they had been at the bar since 1730 because my office is only about 3 blocks from the ballpark. I was still stone sober so I had some catching up to do, which didn't take much.

We had field level seats in center field. Great seats, and most importantly right in front of the beer stand. Buddy's Girlfriend was having an excellent time. Until....


It was the eighth inning and some fans had gathered standing behind our seats. I'm a little fuzzy on how it actually began, but the next thing I knew she was in a heated argument with a group of gangsta looking Dodgers fans. So I had to jump in. I tried the peacemaker approach this time, since I wasn't much into the scrapping mood. They weren't really receptive to that approach, but by then security had showed up. Its always funny when people will all the sudden try to get violent when they know someone is there to hold them back. What's up with that? Pansies. Anyhow, to make a long and blurry story short, the cops showed up and took the punkasses to jail. HA! Fuckers.

Again, live Baseball rocks.

I could become a Padres fan, afterall you have to cheer for the Hometeam, right? I'll never give up on my beloved Astros though (who, by the way, swept the Rockies- in yo face Lissa!!).