Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Did I happen to mention that I live by a lesbian bar?? Its called Six Degrees. It's a happenin' place. Trust me. I know. No, not because I've actually ever stepped into the place, but because the constant pumping base and screaming female voices hinder our peace and quiet. This, on top of the not so subtle comings and goings (and loitering) of the patrons. On any given night, women pour out and into the street and occasionally our lawn while arguing, making out, smoking non-cigarettes and whatever else you can think of. Sometimes all of the above at the same time. I've met the manager - she's actually really cool. And the other staff has expressed occassional regard for our tranquility. Nonetheless, most of the customers are pretty scary. And I'm not scared of much. Mostly because I don't think I could intimidate most of them. On the other hand, as most American males - chicks-on-chicks is a pretty hot concept. And although most of these women make me feel less masculine, some of them are actually beautiful.

Six degrees of another sort: My circle of friends here have a really incestuous past. It seems like all the girls have dated all the boys. WTF??? I have a very narrrow, but distinguished set of morals. One of these is that I don't date girls that my buddies have. Just don't do it. Bad form. This idea of everyone passing around "dates" is completely foreign. Do they all get together at some clubhouse (which is actually our house) and compare notes once a month??? I hope if I ever do hook up with one of the girls my report card is good.

I was introduced to this girl the other day that I hadn't met before. She was very attractive and intellegent. We started talking and she said, "I was at Six Degrees the other night (for Skareoke night) and I thought of stopping by to say "HI" to you guys." She followed up by explaining that one of her friends' sisters is gay and hangs there all the time - so they went to hang with her. Viable enough story. After she left, my buddy listed the guys in our circle who have "dated" her. Fuck.

I think I should start hanging at Six Degrees. At least I wouldn't have to drive home.