Monday, August 22, 2005


...because the ASTROS ARE IN TOWN!!!!!!!

Went to the Chargers game yesterday and found I had been mis-informed as to the rival. It wasn't the Cowgirls at all, but the Rams. Lots of St.Louis fans there. The seats were incredible! There were two grumpy old men sitting next to me, but it was okay because they kept snapping at anyone who stood up in front of us -I think one of them even swatted someone with his cane. The Chargers won - most of the game they were creaming the Rams. Good times.

Today I have an afternoon meeting with a vendor at the horse track - I had to don a suit though. I usually don't wear a jacket often and only wear a tie 2 or 3 days a week. I really need to have these pants let out. I think I was a 32 when I got them. They are pretty tight now. Damn beer.

After the horse track, its off to the ballpark for part 1 of 3 nights of baseball bliss. Oswalt pitches tonight and Clemens tomorrow. Clemens is going up against Jake Peavy, the Padres' best starter. I'm not excited at all, at least I'm trying not to pee my pants.

On Friday I take off on vacation for a week. I'm actually going back to Montana to visit the family. I haven't been back in over two years and we haven't had the entire family together for exactly 5 years, although we've seen each other in smaller groups and individually several times since. Can wait. So its Monday, but not a conventional one, and my last Monday of work for 3 weeks, so its all good.