Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The phone rang late last night - certainly a drunken dialer. But from a number that wasn't familiar. Normally, I wouldn't answer - but I was a little curious - so I picked it up.

Female voice, eerily familiar: "What'dya doin'?
"Lying in bed. What are you doing?" Trying to buy time to place the voice.
I'm drawing a blank, but as I say "Who IS this?" - it comes to me.
"This is Stalker Chick #4 - (SC4 for short)!!!!! Who the hell did you think it was?"

I'm now a little irritated. "I didn't know, I haven't talked to you in like 3 months. What's up?"
SC4:"I just wanted you to know that I'm seeing someone else now."

-WTF? Who cares?

"Good for you, I'm glad. Hope it works out for you."
SC4:"Oh, its working great. I'm SOOOO happy."

-Is this about that "closure" thing? Because I've never really understood that. Maybe I've just never been in the position to need to. At any rate, my dating her for a very short period of time certainly shouldn't warrant a "closure". Why she finds it necessary to call me to tell me this is beyond me. She even used someone else's phone, because she figured I wouldn't answer if I saw it was her. I did get a "This isn't working, I don't think we should see each other anymore" call once from a non-stalker cool chick I dated for several months. The odd thing about it was that it was 2 months after the last time I had talked to her. I was so surprised all I could say is "Um, okay. I understand." That was undoubtedly a "closure" call. I digress........

"Thats great. I should g..........."

SC4: "Its a girl, too."

"M-kay??!! That's cool I guess. Whatever you're into."

SC4: "Thats what I'm into. Just wanted you to know it."

"Alright then."

SC4 "Alright then."

"Take care."

SC4: "Is that all you have to say?"

"Um, yeah. I'm really tired - I need to get some sl..."

SC4: "Can I come over?"

"Nooooooo!! I think you should go find your new girlfriend."

(she mumbles something and hangs-up)

Now I'm thoroughly confused. If this was a "closure" call, why did she want to come over? The same question applies for her "I'm SSOOO happy" comment. And I put a stop to her "comming over" months ago, which is when she turned into SC4 - why would she think something had changed? What vexes me the most though, is why did she find it relevant to tell me she's in a relationship with a girl? Was that supposed to bother me in some way? Should I be bothered? Was she implying that I caused this? Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? Ok, now I'm just over-analyzing the irrelevant. Its really too bad she turned into a stalker chic, because she really was pretty cool before that - she would have been fun to keep as a friend. Oh well.

Sorry for the rant. Everytime I think I've got things figured out, I realize how far away from it I really am. But that off my chest, I'm ready for a drink and listen to bad bar music. Unfortunately I have to give a presentation first......