Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Have you seen this week's POSTSECRET??

The first new one is very difficult to believe. At least I think so. I mean, if one wanted to disappear without a trace (and we've all fantasized about this before) would you really be able to make that kind of a split second decision during a catastrophic event? Could you really remain in seclusion while you watch people display their heartbroken agony, knowing your loved ones are feeling an endless pain?

On the other hand, I'm told there are extremely lonely people out there without a trace of a loved one. Perhaps this person only went to work where he/she was practically alone and anonymous - then went home to a meager existence each night and immersed themself in books or TV. Other than a body count, they are practically unmissed and know it.

The third and most likely scenario is that it is contrived and most disturbing, in a way. If it is false, someone is taking great pleasure in stating something specifically designed to deceive. Additionally, it abuses a system/forum for which people can freely experience some emotional cleansing, if they so need.

I don't know. But any way you look at it, its incredibly sad for someone.