Wednesday, February 23, 2005



I have been thinking a lot about the poor woman in Dallas/Ft.Worth who was brutally murdered along with her seven year old and unborn baby, but I figured I've posted enough depressing news for one week. So, I'll turn to one of everyone's favorite subjects, SEX. If you didn't read the above article, its about some students at Milton Academy who have been expelled. Apparently, some members of the hockey team were "orally gratified" by a 15 year old (female) student.

I've got several (some conflicting) thoughts on this. Firstly, I'm baffled by the scene altogether: How are kids that age sexually savvy enough to stage such an incident? I really shouldn't be surprised, I guess. Second, I highly doubt there was much coercion required to get this girl to do this, although I don't really know for sure, having not been involved. If she was willing, should these guys be charged with anything? I don't think so, but Massachusetts law may have something
different to say about that. I do think that if she was like that girl that we all knew in school who was kind of like the village bicycle, these guys shouldn't have to spend the rest of there lives as registered sex offenders because they had normal teenage hormones (assuming they didn't force her in any way). These laws are meant for prosecuting people who have serious problems with sex and intimacy - the sickos. Either way, these boys are in a lot of trouble!