Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I saw on the news on Monday the clips of the cheerleader in New York who injured her neck when she fell from a pyramid. I'm not really sure there could be a bigger fear for a cheerleader. Now I've played a lot of sports in my day, however, I've never had the sack to try backflips or any of the other super-human things that gymnists and cheerleaders do on a daily basis. In fact, when I ski-raced, I was always envious of my buddies who were freestyle skiers. While I was training on a course, they were training on giant jumps doing frontflips, backflips and twists - not to mention frontflips and backflips WITH twists. My hats off to anyone who has ever tried these marvels of nature.

Having said that, did anyone else find it mildly disturbing that she continued her routine while strapped down to a gurney like a robot? Just a little freaky, that's all I'm saying. Is there a real life Stepford??