Thursday, March 09, 2006


It seems lately that there have been many new creatures being discovered here on earth which to me is really exciting. For instance, check out this "HAIRY LOBSTER". And although I don't have the links handy, one researcher just discovered a new species of shark off the coast of Mexico and a group of researchers just discovered hundreds of new species of plants and animals in an area of South America that is largely untraveled. Although I've always been much more fascinated with anthropology, I still think it would be fascinating to be involved with one of these groups of new discoverers.

One thing always stands out with me though (And maybe this is the primate in me). If I came across any new species, my first questions would revolve around how it benefits the world. Like: Is it poisonous? How does it taste? Is it better with BBQ sauce, garlic butter, cocktail sauce or ranch dressing? Does it eat mosquitos and other annoying pests? Can you wear it as a hat? (thats for you Jessica) Could it or its by-products be used as an alternative fuel? Would it get along with my dog? Would it make a good piece of decorum? All important things to ponder. Other than those things, I don't really care if it filter feeds and has regenerating kidney-like organs. This is precisely why I would be a miserable failure as a scientist.