Friday, September 23, 2005


Well, under sunny 75 degree San Diego skies, I can't say as I'm missing Texas so much this week. Looks like the brunt of the storm will miss the Houston/Galveston area, which is good - for more reasons than because I have a household of things in a storage unit there (storage units are about as sound as a cardboard box in a big storm - kind of like trailers), but because my friends are all going to be okay. Many of them have called me, in traffic, to let me know they were having fun sitting for 12 to 14 hours only to move 10 or so miles.

On the down side, it does look like the storm is going to hit Lake Charles, which is where my brother lives. He and wife and the dogs (including mine, Scruffs!) are safely north of the storm, but I hope their house fares well.

As Ricky pointed out, I'm sure the liberals will be blaming the president for not allocating enough federal money to build a 25 lane highway when they KNEW this storm would be coming. Its all the governments fault!!! Those supremist bastards and their special interests! Seriously, I've tried to stay quiet, but I'm getting pretty sick of people blaming Dubya for everything they aren't satisfied with in this country. How 'bout a little personal responsibility people!!!! Bush hating might be trendy, but its bullshit.

That's all I have to say about that.

In other news, I've found something I'm REALLY excited about, and just in time! The downtown Hooters is the sponsor of the local UT fan club. UT fans meet there for every game and Hooters not only offers 20% off for UT fans, but also opens early, if needed, for Longhorns games. Unfortunately this is a bye weekend for the 'Horns, but next Saturday IT'S ON!!! I'm now a card-carrying member of the Hooters' Longhorn Club! "Team America... Fuck yeah!!!"