Thursday, May 18, 2006


I recieved a package on Monday from dear old mom. Apparently she decided to have a hayday at the bookstore because it contained a stack of new books. I'm not complaining because to be honest, I've been on a streak of bad books lately and needed some new inspiration. Among the action/mystery novels that I tend to gravitate toward, was this random book titled "The Time Traveler's Wife". I scanned the cover for a briefing and thought to myself "Dear God, she didn't really send me some freakin' Wuthering Heights crap, did she??". So yesterday, while waiting for some people to call me back, I picked it up to at least give it a try. After an hour and 50 pages, I realized that I was hooked. It's nothing like I originally thought (my mom never lets me down- one of the many reasons she's so great). By that time, people were waiting on me to hit some after-work cocktails and as I was out, I realized that I was zoning - thinking about the new book. Why?

A tap on my shoulder.

"Hey! I'm Meagan! I noticed you were staring at my friend and I think she thinks you're kinda cute, wanna meet her?"

"Um. Uh. I. Huh? Wha? I was staring?"

"Yeah! You've been staring at her for like 10 minutes straight. It actually was kinda freaking me out, but she thought it was funny."

"I'm sorry - I must be lost in space."

"Okay, well, whatever - we'll be over here if you want to come over and say 'hi'. Wait, you already knew that because you were STARING!!"

Did I go over there? No. Why? Because I'm the dazing idiot that would rather sit at the bar thinking about a stupid book instead of talking to attractive girls. Why am I single again? Idiot.

Thanks Ma!