Friday, October 14, 2005


-First and formost, THE ASTROS KICK ASS!!!!!

-I recieved several responses to the last post via e-mail from people taking exception to my dig on Cali-forn-I-A. I'm glad to see some people with pride enough to call me out. It brought a realization to something I had been pondering. People love to hate Texas, and I've never understood why. Texans are the most proud of their state of any state I've ever lived or visited (I've been to all lower-48), and I've never really understood why. It came to me that people hating Texas has made people in Texas have to be more proud of Texas which just makes people hate Texas more. Its kind of a symbiotic relationship. I actually like Cali and the people I've chosen to be friends with here. Its no Texas, but there are some decent people here. If you read my blog regularly and you are from California - I'd probably like you.

-The guy who got beat by the New Orleans Police... As someone who has spent a lot of time in NOLA, I can attest that these fuckers are first-class vigalante jackasses. I'm hoping that the re-building of the city will include the re-building of these fuckers.

-What the hell with all the natural disasters over the past year?? I'm glad I don't live in a state where there are a lot of them. Especially earthquakes and wildfires.....

-Montana doesn't have any natural disasters. Granted, the occasional blizzard and -90 degree days aren't fun, but hey - If you know you are going to hell, you might as well die in Montana - you might get to take some ice with you.

-Maybe I should move back to Montana - I'm definitely going to hell.

-My buddy told people at the company I used to work for that I moved to Cali and became a male stripper (yeah, right!). Its a multinational company and I knew a lot of co-workers overseas so i'm sure this is getting around quickly. On the one hand, I should be pissed that he spreads this bullshit (but thats just him, he knows payback is a bitch). Then I realized that my sexual appeal amongst the women I used to work with overseas just shot up considerably.

-I don't know why I would care about my sex appeal with the women in my old company.

-If a runner on first base passes second base on a fly ball, the rules state that he has to re-tag second before hustling back to first to tag-up. If he doesn't, the defense can throw the ball to second base and he's called out. But if he doesn't re-tag second, and the defense doesn't notice and gives the ball back to the Pitcher, then does he still get called out?

-Does the same rule apply to the "Bases Scale" for hooking-up with a girl? Because going all the way back to first and THEN being called out just sucks.

-If I could have any job in the world, I think it would be the person who gets to name developments and condo/apartment complexes. Seriously, you can't fail at this job. All you have to do is make up a name for an area and add in some kind of type of landscape. Niether of which have to be present to make sense. The Mills at Cortez Hill - there are no mills nor is there a hill, much less names Cortez. The Meadows at GlennBrooke - the only meadows I see are the meadows of rooftops, and there is no Glenn nor is there a Brook, but the double N and the E at the end sure sound good, so it must be a nice place. Melissa, you have the "in" to this industry, can you tell me where to get that job?

-My buddy asked me if it was a bad thing that he had a more intimate relationship with his Playboy magazine than with his girlfriend. My first response was, "Which issue?"

-A little while later he asked me again and I considered his girlfriend. I simply said, "No."

-I hope everyone has as good of a weekend as I'd like to have. Then on Monday we can all be miserable together.