Monday, January 24, 2005


This quote from a column by Streeter Seidell titled “People You Hate XXVII”:

"Reader Jeff H. of UT, San Antonio really hates: Mr. “I Paid 16.99 for a 18pk of Horse Piss in a Can." Hey, nobody gives a shit how much you paid for your beer. Just because you pay more and don't know how to shop for beer that tastes good and costs less, doesn't make you any better then me. You're the one that walks around the party, parading your beer box around like you want everyone to know that you paid too much for your beer; you know who you are! You're the one that makes us have to put up with those fucking Bud Light commercials. Here's to you, Mr. “I buy a beer because it costs more money than most can afford." That should be the next commercial; did I already say I hate you? If you would stop buying all that crap, I wouldn't have to watch a Rolling Rock, Bud Light, or Heineken commercial every 3 minutes. I can buy two sixers of Lone Star Light Tallboys for 6 bucks; what do you say to that? Not only am I gonna have 16 beers, but I've only spent like, $6.47 (including tax) and I'm gonna enjoy it. Wake up and realize I hate you, and I hate your expensive beer!"

Now, I'm all about the Lone Star Light for pennies - because it really is a good beer and the price makes it better - and yeah, the guys he's referring to are a bit annoying, but not half as annoying as the guy who brings a sixer (minus 1) of Keystone light and puts it in the fridge where he grabs a Corona each for himself and his girlfriend. At the end of the night, they have both downed 6-8 Coronas and the 5 Keystones are still chilling in the fridge. As they are leaving they grab the 5 pack to take with them. Oh, and I wouldn't exactly call Bud Light an expensive beer, but then again - its been a while since I was a starving student, so the perspective might be little different.